UK casualty suspect detained

10 months ago

Police detained a suspect in a knife attack on citizens in English Reading. This is stated in the Twitter account of the Thames Valley Police Department.

The identity of the detainee, the motives for the attack and other details are still unknown. He is currently in custody.

According to preliminary data, as a result of the accident, three people died on the spot, two more were seriously injured and were in extremely serious condition.

An unknown man staged a massacre in the central park of Forbury Gardens on the evening of June 20. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene at 19:00 local time and cordoned him off. The park also has several ambulances and two helicopters with doctors.

Reading is located 65 kilometers west of London, about 350 thousand people live in it. On Saturday, June 20, peaceful processions were held in the city in support of the Black Lives Matter movement (“Black lives are important”).

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