UK told of dominance of a new type of coronavirus

UK told of dominance of a new type of coronavirus

A new and more infectious variant of the coronavirus that has emerged in the UK has begun to dominate London. This was announced at a press conference by England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and the government’s Senior Medical Adviser Patrick Vallance.

“The spread of the new variant of the coronavirus is really happening incredibly fast,” Whitty said. In response, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is imposing a fourth, maximum level of restrictions in London and the southeast as of Sunday, December 20.

“The spread of the virus outside these areas carries a great risk,” Vallance said. – In December, the new variant became dominant in London.”

The new variant of the virus, according to preliminary estimates, could be 70 percent more contagious than the usual variant, but there is no confirmation yet that it is more dangerous in terms of mortality.

Earlier in December, British Health Secretary Matthew Hancock reported that a new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus had been detected in the country and was spreading faster than the original form. He said the virus is more easily transmitted from person to person and therefore more contagious. Later, UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty confirmed that the new type of coronavirus has a high rate of spread.