Ukrainian past and strange forgetfulness: what Joe Biden is counting on

12 months ago

After the end of the presidency of Barack Obama, the US Democratic Party was left without a clear leader. For Hillary Clinton, a huge trail of scandals stretched, which ultimately led to her defeat in the 2016 elections. Bernie Sanders has always been a radical in conflict with the party establishment and frightening the moderate. Other democratic politicians were either too weak or short-sighted to really fight for leadership in the party. And finally, a democrat appeared who could become a hero not only of his party, but also of the American people. His rating recently reached a fantastic 80%. This is the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. But the Democratic Party will be led by Joe Biden – perhaps the weakest candidate of all.

Joe Biden’s biography can be painted for a long time. Especially that part of it with regard to the political path. Joe was elected a senator back in 1972, after which he was re-elected 6 times and until 2008 represented the state of Delaware in the US Senate. Time passed, faces changed, times changed, eras changed, even the views of Biden himself changed, but he remained the same representative of his staff.

Joe Biden began as a typical “southern democrat,” a liberal-minded person representing one of the conservative southern states. In the 70s and 80s, the “southern democrats” were almost the core of the Democratic Party. They pursued a very moderate policy, in many ways even opposed progressivism.

Moreover, Biden himself has very dubious pages in his biography. For example, at the beginning of his career, the future vice president advocated as much for racial segregation in American schools! Joe Biden was outraged that black children would ride the same school bus with whites. In our days, it even sounds wild, and for people with progressive views, this is an excuse to write Biden into the inveterate racists – but they do not.

In principle, Joe Biden for his past exploits can be safely written in open homophobes. In the 90s, Biden strongly opposed gay marriage, and promoted laws that prohibited gay men from serving in the US Army.

In modern times, President Trump is called a transphobic because he forbade transgender military service. It’s scary to imagine what would be done with any conservative who would suggest expelling gays from the army. But they do nothing with the Democrat Biden – who knows why he voted there at the time?

Another sin that Biden is stubbornly overlooked is support for the Iraq war. Then the Democratic Party, almost in its entirety, opposed the course of President George W. Bush and called for peace talks.

Even those politicians who initially supported the invasion quickly repented and called for peace. But not Biden: he was a hawk from start to finish. However, he is not called a bloody militarist. I wonder why?

It can be said, of course, that Joe Biden “atoned for” all his sins by working in the administration of President Obama. He then supported African-Americans, and personally married gays, and facilitated the withdrawal of troops from Iraq … Anyway, remembering the politics of sins 20 years ago is a bad man. But the problem is that even without them, Biden has something to present.

Do I have to believe the victims?

Two years ago, sex scandals shook America. Then, in a single impulse, the entire left-liberal community literally yelled about the crimes of Brett Cavanaugh. The fact that the candidate for the Supreme Judge was accused of rape by a professor at the University of California Christine Blazy Ford. She accused the conservative judge of rape, which was committed almost 40 (!) Years ago.

Christine Ford was confused about dates, places, and eyewitnesses. I called in witnesses to people who could not remember the details of this story at all. She herself could not bring, well, at least some evidence. In addition, over time, her long-standing ties with the Democrats were revealed, for which the appointment of another conservative judge was extremely disadvantageous. But they believed her! How all the mainstream media poisoned the unfortunate Brett Cavanaugh – scary to say.

The brightest Republican senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham spoke best of all about this: “This is not an investigation. This is hell. This is an attempt to destroy the opportunity for honest people to take places because of all this nonsense. All you want is to ruin this guy’s life, reject the appointment of new judges and hope that you win in 2020! And I didn’t even say it – you said so yourself! ”

Despite tremendous pressure, the Republicans were still able to secure the appointment of Cavanaugh as Chief Justice. Joe Biden, who urged “to believe the victim of violence,” without even demanding any evidence from her, was actively outraged by this.

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