Ukrainian trap on Biden. US Democrats complain about new witch hunt

11 months ago

There is a political witch hunt in the United States, which divides and weakens the country in the midst of a grave humanitarian and economic crisis. Don’t stop reading: these are not blasphemy reproaches of Republican President Donald Trump against opposition Democrats. These are already complaints of the American opposition itself on the actions of the party in power.

For that fought for it and ran

One of the relevant committees in the US Senate recently formally requested documents from the lobbying firm Blue Star Strategies regarding its work for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma and related people. The board of directors of this energy holding for several years included Hunter Biden, the son of former US Vice President Joseph Biden, who was in charge of relations with Kiev in the Barack Obama administration in those years.

Biden Jr. Sinekura, due, as he himself admitted, through family ties, brought millions of dollars. Biden Sr. now, in fact, should be considered the shadow leader of the US Democratic Party, since he practically guaranteed himself to be nominated as its presidential candidate in the November elections. In the final, he will face combat with Trump.

The owner of the White House until recently was accused of demanding help from Kiev in gathering dirt on his political rival, and even tried to impeach them on this basis. The attempt failed, and now the Republicans, as they warned before, are trying to figure out how justified the suspicions of corruption against the father and son of Biden.

It would seem that there is nothing to be surprised, but the legislators-democrats unanimously accuse their opponents of politicking. Senator Maggie Hassen said Republicans are engaged in “party bullshit and conspiracy theories.” Her colleague Kamala Harris added that the new “political sideshow” of the “party in power” will not help people who are at risk of becoming infected with COVID-19. “

“Democrats argue that this investigation is nothing more than an election witch hunt designed to denigrate Trump’s likely November rival,” the Washington Post said. “Some, including the senior Democrat on the committee, have suggested that [the chairman Committee Republican Ron] Johnson unwittingly serves as a pawn in the Russian disinformation campaign. “

From the side, of course, all this skirmish with a mirror repetition of the accusations brings to mind the Russian sayings “For what you fought, you ran into something” and “Do not dig a hole for another, you will fall into it yourself.” Well, the German Hegel’s catch phrase that the story is repeated twice, first in the form of tragedy, then in the form of farce, also looks quite appropriate against this background.

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