UN: pandemic caused mass unemployment

2 weeks ago

Coronavirus pandemic has caused mass unemployment, said the International Labor Organization at the UN.

It is noted that the number of unemployed around the world will soon reach 205 million people.

UN: pandemic caused mass unemployment

At the same time, the global labor market is recovering slowly, and will return to pre-pandemic levels not earlier than 2023. The global unemployment rate next year will be 5.7%, the last time such a rate was recorded in 2013.

The International Labor Organization report says the worst situation is in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Europe and Central Asia. Compared to 2019, 108 million more workers worldwide have begun to be classified as poor or extremely poor.

The crisis also disproportionately hit women. Despite the fact that they have taken on much of the extra care of children, it is noted that women have become more vulnerable.