UN Security Council adopted fifth resolution on Syria

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution to extend for one year the cross-border assistance mechanism for Syria. This was announced on Saturday by German Permanent Representative to the UN Christoph Heusgen, who chairs the council in July, reports TASS.

The project was supported by 12 members of the Security Council. Three more countries, including Russia, abstained from voting. The final resolution decides to extend the resolution of 2139 for 12 months and to exclude the items “Bab es Salaam”, (Syria and Turkey), Al-Yarubiya (border with Iraq) and Al-Ramta (border with Jordan) from the mechanism . Delivery will be carried out only through one point on the border with Turkey – “Bab al-Hawa”.

The past meeting was the fifth attempt by the Security Council in a week to extend the operation of cross-border humanitarian operations.

On June 11, the UN Security Council again refused the Russian resolution on Syria. July 9 rejected another version of the resolution of Russia. Moscow considers it necessary to gradually curtail the cross-border assistance mechanism for Syria and proposed to extend the supply for six months only through one checkpoint “Bab al-Hawa”.

The Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, explained that terrorists designated as humanitarian objects were actually used. He noted that the deconflicting mechanism in the Arab Republic was used for misinformation.