10 months ago

UN sends a letter to the United States about possible violations due to the death of Floyd

10 months ago

The United Nations (UN) Working Group of Experts on the Rights of People of African Descent sent a letter to the US authorities about possible violations by the police that led to the death of African-American George Floyd, said the representative of the group Christina Saunders.

“The UN Working Group of Experts on the Rights of People of African Descent took action in the George Floyd case in accordance with its order and sent a joint letter of alleged violations to the US government,” she told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, June 9.

It is noted that such letters to governments are usually sent by the UN special rapporteur to receive explanations on the alleged violations and information on the status of the investigation.

On June 8, it was reported that the Floyd family asked the UN to intervene in the investigation of his death.

Together with them, their lawyer Benjamin Kramp also contacted the organization. In a joint letter, they also asked UN representatives to provide recommendations on US law enforcement reform.

At the end of May, the United States suffered a wave of unrest after the death of 46-year-old Floyd as a result of harsh police actions. Law enforcement officers threw him onto the asphalt and held him for more than eight minutes. One of them squeezed Floyd’s neck, and later he died in intensive care.

The police officers involved in the incident were fired, and one of them was accused of reckless killing. On June 3, the Minnesota attorney general indicted three more police officers in the Floyd case. However, despite this, unrest in most American cities continues. They are often associated with looting, violence against government officials and hooliganism.

US President Donald Trump, in turn, criticized the governors for a weak reaction to protests and demanded to respond to the pogroms by force. In addition, he called the riots acts of domestic terrorism.

On June 7, the American editions of the Wall Street Journal and NBC News published the results of a survey according to which most Americans consider the situation in the country unmanageable.

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