UN shocked video of people having sex in an organization’s car in Israel

10 months ago

The UN launched an internal investigation over a video from Tel Aviv on the Internet in which a man and a woman have sex in a moving car with company symbols. This was stated at a briefing by the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

“I can say that we are shocked and extremely concerned about the footage from the video,” said Dujarric. “This behavior is against everything we stand for.”

A UN spokesman said that an investigation has now begun, and the identities of the people captured on the video have already been identified. “Our colleagues in the Office of Internal Oversight Services of the United Nations launched an investigation, it goes very quickly,” he said. – We identified the place where the incident occurred. The captured people are most likely associated with the UN body for monitoring the implementation of the conditions of the ceasefire. ”

“We hope that the investigation will be completed soon and all necessary measures will be taken,” concluded Dujarric.

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