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Unexpected dangers of giving up meat revealed

Unexpected dangers of giving up meat revealed

Scientists at Oxford University in the UK found that those who follow a vegan diet are 43 percent more likely to have broken bones than those who eat meat. The unexpected danger of giving up animal products.

The study involved over 54,000 volunteers who ate either a vegan or vegetarian diet, or ate meat or fish. A total of 3941 fractures were reported by the participants. At the same time, those who did not eat meat had a reduced intake of calcium and protein into the body with food, which increased the fragility of bones. Vegetarians and people who ate fish but not meat also had a higher risk of hip fractures compared to those who ate meat.

For vegans, who had an average low body mass index, the incidence of fractures increased by 20 cases per thousand over a 20-year period, with the most vulnerable bones of the hip, the risk of fractures of which increased by 2 times.

A well-balanced, plant-based diet increases nutrient intake and reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, scientists say. In doing so, it is necessary to monitor adequate levels of calcium and protein to prevent bone fragility.

Previously, scientists at the University of St. Louis found that the popular ketogenic diet high in fat can save a person from heart failure caused by diseases such as diabetes.

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