Unidentified Man Shoots at a Mall in the U.S. on the Weekend Before Christmas

Unidentified Man Shoots at a Mall in the U.S. on the Weekend Before Christmas

In the U.S. city of Milpitas, California, an unidentified man started shooting. According to the NBC Bay Area website, one person was injured.

On Saturday evening, December 19, an intruder shot at a man in a shopping center. Panic ensued: people began running around the establishment, some of them falling. The center was especially crowded because it was the last weekend before Christmas.

Angelo Palma, one of the store’s customers, described what was happening as chaos: “The gunshot, and everyone just started running. People were running this way, people were running that way. They started falling. Chaos reigned.” Another customer, April Darosa, who waited out the panic with 12 visitors to the center in a small storage room, admitted that everyone was very scared: “It was very hot, we weren’t keeping our social distance and we thought we were going to faint.”

Police officers arrived on the scene and ordered everyone to calm down, not to leave the mall, and to lock themselves in the pavilions.

Police search teams systematically searched all the stores and escorted employees and customers to the parking lot. This was done in stages, so some customers had to wait hours for their relatives or friends to be brought in. The wounded man was hospitalized.

Police continue to search for the shooter. It is not yet known if he knew the victim or what caused the attack. Four hours after the report of the shooting, law enforcement officials said that the immediate threat to the residents of the city had passed.

Earlier it became known that in Sacramento, California, there was a shooting at the Arden Fair Mall during the Black Friday sale. As a result, one person was killed and another was hospitalized. His condition is assessed as critical.