Unknown species of dinosaurs discovered

Unknown species of dinosaurs discovered

Paleontologists have found the remains of an unusual dinosaur

Paleontologists have stated that the size of the dinosaur resembled a chicken, but was very conspicuous because of the mane and unusual spikes that protruded from the shoulders.

The remains of the lizard aged 110 million years have been found in Brazil. It has preserved its skeleton, fossilized soft tissue, “fur” and unusual spikes. The dinosaur was named Ubirajara jubatus.

Scientists have stated that the unusual spike-tape consisted of keratin, which, unlike bones, is more flexible and uses less body energy to grow. In addition, another feature of the dinosaur is its long fur, which is believed to have become “wispy” when the animal saw danger.

Paleontologists believe that these unusual features helped the dinosaur attract the opposite sex.

According to scientists, the individual they found was a male.