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Unrest in the United States does not subside

Unrest in the United States does not subside

A new wave of protests and riots swept the United States. This time because of the Portland standoff. Over the weekend, the military went out to disperse the protesters there, despite the governor’s initiative to withdraw federal forces from the state, as well as to ban the arrests of protesters by local police. The court did not satisfy the petition, and the military dispersed the protest by force. After that, thousands of people took to the streets of American cities to protest the actions of the military.

Bigger, scarier, stronger. It seems that is now the slogan of the protesters in the United States. There should be more crowds, more terrible – behavior on the street, stronger – police resistance. In Los Angeles, shop windows are beaten again, prudently taking hammers with them to the rally.

Not only shop windows are beaten – a courthouse in Oakland was attacked. The protest here began peacefully, but quickly escalated into riots. But the most acute confrontation of the last day, perhaps, in Portland. City police frankly fail. It was not possible to push the protesters away from the center last night. The military had to intervene in the matter – along with tear gas, batons and rubber bullets.

The actions of the federal security forces only caused a new outbreak of unrest – in protest, dissatisfied with the actions of the military took to the streets from New York to San Francisco. Portland police had to make an appeal, and a black officer recorded the video.

“All over the country, protesters are rioting – presumably thereby supporting protesters in Portland. But if you want to support Portland, stop the violence. Act peacefully,” said Chuck Lovell, a Portland police officer.

The police, however, do not give themselves offense either. In California, during the containment of protests, officers actively brandished their truncheons and knocked people down on the asphalt. In Seattle – pepper spray was sprayed directly into the eyes of protesters, journalists – also got it.

“The Seattle police officer pushed me into the crowd, I fell. I started to shoot him and he sprayed the spray right in my eyes, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see anything, all that was left was to try to escape in the opposite direction, but the cops pushed me in the back over and over again until I fell again and started screaming for help, “complains Joe Wieser, a freelance journalist.

In Austin, Texas, the protester was much less fortunate. Garrett Foster was shot and killed during the protests. However, as explained in the local police, the man approached one of the cars on the street with a gun in his hands, which frightened the driver, and he shot at Foster. The protester died in the hospital without regaining consciousness. The suspect was detained, he announced that he would cooperate with the police.

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