Unrevealed unannounced iPhone

Unrevealed unannounced iPhone

Unannounced Apple smartphone was produced in a unique coloring. This was reported on his Twitter by network insider DongleBookPro.

The blogger published photos of the device, which he called an early prototype of the iPhone 5s. The device had several differences from the smartphone, which eventually introduced in the fall of 2013. The declassified iPhone 5s prototype had matte rather than glossy inserts at the top and bottom on the back. The phone’s body was also painted in slate gray (Black and Slate).

Blogger noticed that this color was not chosen by chance. Smartphone manufacturer has tried to disguise the device as a previous generation device, because iPhone 5 was released in slate gray color. Otherwise, the prototype does not differ from the final version of the smartphone. According to the insider, the prototype 5s was released in December 2012 – that is, three months after the release of the iPhone 5.

Announced in the fall of 2013, it was presented in three color options – silver, gold and gray. The model received a 4-inch IPS screen, an Apple A7 chip, a single eight-megapixel camera. Also for the first time in the history of Apple smartphones the device received Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Earlier, the developer Giulio Zompetti (Giulio Zompetti) published photos of the iPhone 12 Pro prototype. Unlike the final version, the unveiled phone had no certification engraving on the back and side bezel and ran on an alternative operating system SwitchBoard.