Updated data on Trump’s condition

US President Donald Trump welcomes supporters after updating details on his condition.

Trump, who was diagnosed with the coronavirus, briefly ventured out on Sunday to greet jubilant supporters after being criticized for violating precautions. A few hours earlier, Trump’s medical team reported that oxygen levels in his blood had suddenly dropped twice in recent days. The doctors prescribed him a steroid, which is usually only recommended for very sick people. However, doctors said Trump’s health was improving and that he could be discharged as early as Monday.

The still infectious president surprised supporters who gathered outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, driving a black SUV with closed windows. Inside the car, one could see secret service agents wearing masks and protective gear.

The move ended a weekend of controversy that raised bewilderment over Trump’s health. White House reports still lack basic information, including lung scan results In a short video released by the White House on Sunday, Trump said he understood the gravity of the moment. But his actions a few hours later, when he left the hospital and got into the car with other people, contradict his words.