Updating the cult shooter CS: GO turned into unexpected problems. Gamers banned from listening to music and chatting

Valve has just updated the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. Unfortunately, the update resulted in unexpected problems for the players.

The July 8 CS: GO update includes Trusted Mode by default. As planned, the system blocks third-party software from interacting with game files. If you disable it, then you can not play on official servers protected by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat).

However, the new anti-cheat system has approached its mission too actively. Gamers began to complain that they were having problems with applications unrelated to the game. For example, such as the OBS streaming solution, the Spotify music service and the Discord messenger. The problem is aggravated by the fact that the system does not report what exactly caused complaints.

If players manage to break into official matches, then they notice a significant decrease in productivity. The exact cause has not yet been established. However, victims report that the closure of other programs not related to the anti-cheat system eliminates the problem.