US $ 5.4 billion worth of deliveries stolen in the United States

In the era of coronavirus, more and more people prefer not to go shopping, but to order any goods at home. However, some do not wait for their packages. According to a study by the portal, which was attended by 1.8 thousand people, about 14% of Americans over the past year have faced theft of their intended deliveries. Thus, presumably, more than 30 million people, failing to pick up the parcel from their porch or staircase in time, missed a total of more than $ 5 billion in goods.

The majority (74%) of the victims of such theft faced him once or twice, but there were also those who were robbed constantly: slightly more than 5% admitted that parcels were stolen from them more than five times. Almost half (49%) of those robbed are millennials (born in 1981-1996), another 30% are representatives of the “generation Z” (born in 1997-2002).

Men are more likely to report theft of parcels than women: 17% of US residents versus 11%. Moreover, the average cost of a stolen parcel reported by a man is $ 78 higher ($ 190 versus $ 112).

In the course of the survey, 3% of Americans (5.3% of men and 0.9% of women) admitted that over the past year they themselves took other people’s deliveries. It is curious that of those who admitted this, they stole packages from every tenth.