US administration demands to suspend publication of Bolton’s book

The US Justice Department is demanding that the court suspend the publication of the book by ex-adviser to President Donald Trump on national security, John Bolton, citing the secrecy of the content, the statement said.

“This civil lawsuit was filed in order to prevent defendant John R. Bolton, a former national security adviser, from undermining national security by publishing a book containing classified information. This is a clear violation of the agreements that he signed as a condition for employment and gaining access to top-secret information. This is also a clear violation of the trust placed in him by the United States government, “the statement said.

The Justice Department requires Simon & Schuster to delay the publication of the book until Bolton approves it with the administration for any classified information. The Ministry of Justice also asks the court to order that already printed copies of the book be destroyed, and leaks of its contents in the media are prohibited.

In addition, the Justice Department wants the court to formally declare that Bolton has violated non-disclosure agreements and contractual obligations. Finally, the court is required to stop Bolton from making any money from publishing the book.