10 months ago

US Admiral warned of the dangers of Russian submarines in the Mediterranean

10 months ago

Russia is turning the Eastern Mediterranean into one of the most militarized zones in the world thanks to the presence of submarines. This opinion was shared by the commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa, James Foggo.

“The Russians are deploying quiet, modern diesel submarines armed with Caliber,” Foggo quotes Stars and Stripes.

He noted that Russian submarines are capable of moving in different parts in European waters and can hit missiles in any capital of Europe or Africa.

Thus, according to him, the military needs to be especially careful. In addition, he warned of the possibility of Russian forces strengthening their positions in Libya.

“Now think about what Russia is doing in Crimea and Tartus and what kind of threat they can pose when they acquire a stronghold in Libya,” Foggo added.

A few days ago it became known that the Admiral Makarov frigate of the Black Sea Fleet, equipped with Caliber cruise missiles, would strengthen the Navy’s group in the Mediterranean.

In April, The National Interest, an American magazine, rated the quiet and almost elusive Russian submarine Severodvinsk of the Ash class.

Journalists then remembered that several years ago, the US Navy lost the Russian submarine Severodvinsk in the Atlantic Ocean.

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