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US announces successful human vaccine trials of COVID-19

US announces successful human vaccine trials of COVID-19

Specialists in the United States announced that human vaccine trials of the new coronavirus infection have been successful.

Positive news in the fight against the virus came from the United States. Moderna announced the first successful trials of a vaccine from COVID-19, thanks to which the body develops immunity to the disease.

Scientists are now conducting over 130 trials of their vaccine options worldwide. The American company conducts research in partnership with the US Government. Specialists are already making plans for more extensive testing of the drug – so far only a few people are participating in the experiments.

According to Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel, the interim research results can be called positive. As the company hopes, the final test of the vaccine will be held in July.

This is a good signal for the whole world. The vaccine would save civilization from the threat of the second wave of the pandemic, and the world could return to its former life faster.

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