US Attorney General was not involved in the work on the claims of the Trump team

US Attorney General William Barr has not yet been involved in the lawsuits filed by Donald Trump’s team in connection with the counting of votes in the elections, lawyer Bob Bauer, adviser to Joe Biden’s headquarters, said at a press conference.

“As for the attorney general, we have not seen any signals of any unusual or disturbing activity (from the attorney general – ed.). There is no reason to involve the Justice Department. The states are responsible for holding these elections. As we can see, they are perfectly capable of holding counting and maintaining order. This is a matter of states, not Department of Justice, “Bauer said.

Earlier, Trump said that lawsuits would be filed in all states, in which Biden claims to win.

General elections were held in the United States on Tuesday. The president and vice president are elected, all 435 members of the House of Representatives, about a third of the Senate (35 senators), governors of 11 states and two territories, as well as local legislatures in several states. Voting results in a number of states are still unknown.

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