US Attorney General went into self-isolation

Attorney General William Barr has temporarily quarantined but is expected to return to work this week, a Justice Department spokesman said.

Barr did not intend to go into self-isolation, despite close contact with members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle who have tested positive for coronavirus, including former White House adviser Kellianne Conway. However, he later decided to spend several days in quarantine for security reasons.

But even his soon-to-be-expected return to work still violates the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.
Barr has received four negative test results since Friday morning, so he decided not to stay in quarantine for the prescribed 2 weeks, Justice Department spokeswoman Kerry Kopek said on Sunday.

Barr was among the guests at Trump’s Rose Garden event late last month, introducing Justice Amy Connie Barrett as his U.S. Supreme Court nominee – an event that many White House officials now see as a hotbed of infection to White House employees, the president and the first lady.