US authorities found methanol in the composition of 59 brands of antiseptics for hands

The US FDA medical regulator has compiled a list of 59 brands of hand antiseptics containing the dangerous substance methanol, a regulator said in a press release.

“The FDA warns consumers and health care providers that there is a sharp increase in the amount of hand sanitizers that contain ethanol, but methanol was detected during testing. Methanol is a substance that can be toxic if it enters the body through the skin and can be life threatening if swallowed, “the FDA said.

All methanol-listed antiseptics are made in Mexico. Among them are the products of Mexican manufacturers 4E Global, Tropicosmeticos, Soluciones Cosmeticas, Liqesa Exportacion and others. The agency recalled these funds from the sale.

The regulator noted that because of these antiseptics, several people have already lost their vision, ended up in the hospital and even died. He also urged all consumers who used these antiseptics to seek medical attention immediately, since exposure to methanol “can lead to nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, convulsions, coma, irreversible damage to the nervous system and death.”