US authorities sue John Bolton over his book

US officials have sued former Presidential adviser Donald Trump for national security, John Bolton, to prevent him from publishing a book about his stay in the White House.

It is noted that the US administration believes that the book may contain classified information that jeopardizes the country’s national security. The lawsuit was filed a day after the head of the White House spoke out against the publication.

Bolton’s book is due out June 23. Previously, its publication was repeatedly delayed after the White House’s statements about Bolton’s plans to publish classified information. The former adviser in his book sharply criticized Trump’s foreign policy, reports Simon & Schuster in an annotation to the book.

On February 23, the American newspaper The Washington Post reported, citing its sources, that US President Donald Trump intends to prevent the publication of the book of ex-national security adviser John Bolton, whom the head of state considers a traitor.

According to journalists, Trump informed his administration that he would prevent the publication of Bolton’s book, as he passed classified information to the former adviser.

On January 27, it was reported that in drafts of his future memoirs, Bolton said that Trump had told him in the summer of 2019 about the desire to continue blocking military assistance to Ukraine until Kiev handed over to him all the materials related to Trump’s likely opponent in the 2020 elections Joe Biden and supporters of Hillary Clinton in Ukraine.