US authorities want to arrest rioters amid protests

11 months ago

US Attorney General William Barr announced his intention to arrest a number of people accused of organizing riots in the country amid protests.

According to Barr, during the protests in the US, ultra-right groups tried to pass themselves off as ultra-left and vice versa. At the same time, both sides tried to “foment violence.” The Minister expressed his firm intention to detain people who are charged with organizing these riots.

He also added that he could not set a time limit for investigations of these offenses, but he believed that the authorities were fully inclined to “curb these groups.”

It is noted that earlier Barr announced an investigation against several protesters who are associated with the Antifa movement of American anti-fascists. This was reported by TASS with reference to the local television channel.

Recall that mass protests swept through major US cities after the brutal detention of African-American George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, who later died in a hospital. It also became known that loved ones buried Floyd in Houston.

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