11 months ago

US caught blackmailing Hong Kong

11 months ago

China reacted to the words of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about a possible revision by the Americans of Hong Kong status. It is reported by Reuters.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Office in Hong Kong protested the United States for pressure on local officials, calling it blackmail and meddling in internal affairs. Beijing also convicted Washington of futile attempts to justify protesters.

On May 18, Pompeo warned China against interfering in the affairs of American journalists who operate in Hong Kong. He also noted that any violation of Hong Kong’s autonomous status could lead to a review of the US position on the status of the territory.

Hong Kong returned to China in 1997. According to the joint declaration of China and Hong Kong, the city was promised wide autonomy for 50 years. Thanks to this status, Hong Kong has established special relations with the United States.

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