US Congress accuses China and WHO of sprawling COVID-19 into the pandemic

Michael McCall, the Republican leader on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, blamed the Chinese authorities on Monday for spreading the coronavirus and criticized the World Health Organization for “politicized decisions.”
The relevant conclusions were made in the Congressman’s preliminary report on the pandemic of the coronavirus infection COVID-19.

“After several months of investigation, it became very clear that the Chinese Communist Party’s concealment of coronavirus, especially in the early days of the outbreak, played a significant role in turning what could have been a local epidemic into a global pandemic,” McCall said.
According to him, WHO, under the leadership of Director General Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, “only exacerbated the problem by repeatedly ignoring warnings about the severity of the virus, including from its own medical experts, while at the same time repeating the propaganda of the CCP, without confirming its allegations on its own.”