US Congress Approves $ 3 Trillion Economy Assistance Package

12 months ago

The House of Representatives of the US Congress approved a package of measures to support the US economy in the amount of $ 3 trillion. The meeting was broadcast on the website of the chamber.

According to the bill, about a third of the total amount will be allocated to states and regional authorities. A $ 200 billion fund will also be created for employees in critical industries, including healthcare. The bill also proposes to increase the amount of payments per family up to six thousand US dollars. Another $ 75 billion will go to test citizens for the presence of coronavirus.

The bill will now go to the US Senate. The Republican majority in the Senate has already stated that it is not intentional to support these measures proposed by the Democrats. US leader Donald Trump also refused to support this initiative.

As REGNUM reported earlier, on May 14, US President Donald Trump allocated $ 3.9 billion to support public transport in New York City. It was noted that the funds have already arrived in the state budget.

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