US Congress plans to invite Trump to Biden’s inauguration

The US Congress plans to hold a full-fledged presidential inauguration ceremony, despite the spread of the coronavirus, said US Senator Roy Blunt.

“We will decide. We plan that the inauguration will take place as usual, we are a committee of six people – three senators and three members of the House of Representatives. We expect the inauguration to be full-scale and outdoors, ”

Blunt said on ABC News.

The senator noted that the committee will speak out on this issue next week. Blunt said the president-elect will be a “guest” at the ceremony. At the same time, he expressed the hope that former Vice President Joseph Biden and current American leader Donald Trump “will be on stage on the day of the inauguration.”

“This will be convincing evidence, regardless of which one of them will take the oath on that day,” the senator said.

The inauguration of the US President is due on January 20.

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