11 months ago

US Congressmen demand swastika removed from graves of German soldiers

11 months ago

A group of parliamentarians from both parties in the US Congress demanded that the swastika be removed from the three graves of German prisoners of war buried in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal.

The congressmen sent a corresponding letter to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

Two tombstones of the Second World War era, which are mentioned in the letter, are located at Fort Sam Houston military cemetery in Texas, and another at Fort Douglas Cemetery in Utah.

The publication reports that on two graves in Texas there is an image of the German Iron Cross with a swastika, as well as the inscription “he died far from his home for the Fuhrer, people and homeland.” A cross with a swastika is also carved on a grave in Texas.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs, in turn, reported that they did not intend to “disturb these burials” and referred to the relevant precedents and the Geneva Conventions.

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