US Department of Energy accuses “environmental lobby” of closing the pipeline

US Energy Secretary Dan Bruyett accused the “environmental lobby” of hindering economic growth by closing pipelines.

On Monday, a court ordered the Dakota Access pipeline to stop working on a lawsuit by the Indian tribes through whose territory it passes. The day before, the failure of the large ACP gas pipeline project was officially announced amid numerous lawsuits.

“The environmental lobby continues to push for itself in the courts in order to control and reduce economic growth,” the minister said in a written statement.

According to him, Dakota Access supplies the Midwestern United States with affordable and affordable oil, its construction has created more than 10 thousand jobs.

“In addition, the closure of the pipeline will result in the loss of millions of dollars in taxes that the pipeline provides each year. This money goes to schools, hospitals and other public needs in North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois,” Bruyett said.

Energy Transfer LP, an operator in the north of the United States, said it would appeal the injunction against the pipeline. The court ruled that the permit issued by the authorities for the construction of the pipeline did not meet the standards of legislation in the field of environmental protection. Moreover, the court found the violation so significant that it recognized the further operation of the pipeline until it was eliminated impossible.
The oil pipeline is prescribed to be closed within 30 days.

The court’s decision is yet another defeat for the energy industry and the Donald Trump administration, which seeks to facilitate the construction of energy infrastructure.