US Department of Justice Confirms Al Qaeda’s Connection With Three Killers At Navy Air Base In Florida

12 months ago

The Saudi soldier Muhammad al-Shamrani, who killed three people in December 2019 at the US Navy air base Pensacola (Florida), had connections with the al-Qaeda terrorist network (banned in the Russian Federation). This was announced on Monday by the US Attorney General William Barr at a briefing for journalists.

He said that law enforcement agencies managed to gain access to the smartphone of al-Shamrani, which contained information about his connection with the terrorists. “Four months ago, I stated that this shooting was an act of terrorism <…> We found [on his phone] evidence of a close relationship with al-Qaida,” said Barr.

Earlier on Monday, CNN reported these links with reference to its sources.

Barr also said that due to Apple’s refusal to cooperate, the Justice Ministry had to hack into the hands of Muhammad al-Shamrani’s iPhone. “Apple’s decision has dangerous consequences for public safety and national security and, in my opinion, is unacceptable,” the minister said.

Christopher Rey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who was attending the briefing, also added: “We actually received no help from Apple.”

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