US elections: Georgia will manually recount votes

Democrat Joe Biden has enough electoral votes to be elected president, even without taking into account the results in Georgia. In addition, election officials found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, despite President Trump’s statements.

This is reported by the New York Times.

On Wednesday, November 11, Republican Secretary of State of Georgia Brad Raffensperger allowed the recount of votes in the state. This decision was demanded by President Trump, but it is unlikely that the situation will change radically.

Biden currently defeats Trump in Georgia by more than 14,000 votes, with almost all ballots counted.

Raffensperger told reporters that he agreed to a recount of votes in the state because of the “national significance” of the result. He admitted that the process will be difficult, because you will have to manually recount about 5 million votes. But the result will reassure Republicans and Democrats alike. The final result will be available by November 20.

The recount will be monitored by observers from Biden and Trump.

Obviously, even if Trump had won Georgia, Biden, who currently has 279 electoral votes, would still have won the national election.

Experts believe that Raffensperger was under pressure from Trump, so he agreed to a recount of votes.

It is known that Doug Collins, a Republican representing the Trump team in Georgia, on Tuesday sent a letter to Raffensperger asking for a recount of votes. But it required a more intensive process than a typical recalculation using a CT scanner. Raffensperger himself noted that this letter did not affect the decision on the recount of votes.