US Embassy apologizes for retweeting Pakistani opposition leader’s statement

The US Embassy in Islamabad has apologized for retweeting an anti-government statement by Ahsan Iqbal, Secretary-General of the Pakistan Muslim League opposition party.

According to the local Tribune newspaper, Iqbal posted a screenshot of a Washington Post article on his Twitter account with the headline ” trump’s Defeat is a blow for demagogues and dictators around the world.” “We also have one in Pakistan. Soon they will show him where the exit is, ” Iqbal commented on the publication.

Pakistani media believe he was referring to the country’s current Prime Minister, Imran Khan. The publication notes that the US Embassy in Islamabad retweeted Iqbal’s statement.

However, on Wednesday, a post with an apology appeared on the Twitter page of the US diplomatic mission. The US Embassy said that access to the account was made without authorization.

“Access to the US Embassy’s Twitter account was obtained without authorization. The US Embassy does not support posting or retweeting political messages. We apologize for any misunderstandings that may have occurred due to unauthorized publication, ” the message reads.

Earlier, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris on their victory in the US election and expressed hope for continued work to establish peace in Afghanistan and the region.

He said he “looks forward” to President-elect Biden’s Global democracy summit and working with him to end illegal tax havens and the concealment of national wealth by corrupt leaders. “We will also continue to work with the US for peace in Afghanistan and the region,” Khan added.

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