11 months ago

US estimates $ 9 trillion for world damage from China’s coronavirus

11 months ago

China’s contribution to the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus should be more than $ 9 trillion. This was announced on Wednesday at a briefing by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

“China’s contribution to the fight against the pandemic is insignificant when compared with the price that the world paid because of them,” he said. “This price includes 90,000 American lives, more than 36 million Americans who have lost their jobs since March, and 300,000 deaths worldwide. [China’s contribution] should be more than $ 9 trillion, according to our estimates. “

According to Pompeo, the United States, for example, has allocated $ 10.2 billion to global responses to the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and China – only $ 2 billion.

On May 18, President Xi Jinping, speaking at the opening of the 73rd annual World Health Assembly, said that China would provide $ 2 billion in aid to coronavirus-affected countries in the next two years.

The United States accuses China of concealing information about the origin of the virus and the extent of the epidemic. In turn, Beijing regretted that “some politicians use the virus situation to defame China.” On May 19, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang said the US leadership “made unfounded statements aimed at tarnishing China’s reputation” and demanded that the United States stop slandering the PRC in order to solve its own problems.

Pandemic Cause Investigation
Pompeo also accused the Chinese authorities of obstructing an independent investigation into the causes of the coronavirus pandemic in its territory.

“China continues to impede the admission of investigators to related [with the outbreak of the pandemic] enterprises,” he said. Pompeo claimed that the Chinese side “chose to destroy the ampoules with the live virus, rather than sharing them [with other countries].”

The Secretary of State also said that despite Beijing’s statements about openness, his actions are not consistent with this. In this regard, he invited the Chinese leadership to hold an open press conference at which “to enable journalists to ask any questions.”

Pompeo complained that China “began to threaten Australia because of a simple request for an independent investigation [of the start of a pandemic].” “This is wrong and we support Australia,” he said.

Trade tensions between countries increased after Australia called for a comprehensive international investigation into the causes and circumstances of the spread of coronavirus in the world. On May 19, Chinese authorities imposed duties of 80.5% on barley imports from Australia due to suspected trade violations. In response, Canberra said it was considering challenging Beijing’s decision at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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