11 months ago

US fears China’s global dominance

11 months ago

China is at war with America, even if the latter does not realize that it is waging war with China. Beijing’s goal is to establish world economic domination by 2049. China seeks to strip the United States of its global leadership role and intends to take other countries under economic control. The Chinese people are not involved in this war. This is an authoritarian leadership led by Xi Jinping, writes an American political scientist James Farrell in The National Interest.

China was probably not originally going to get involved in a war with America. But the emerging coronavirus could not be contained, and it began to spread around the world. Fearing of losing control within the country and authority abroad, Xi switched from defense to attack. China allowed its citizens to leave for the West, but closed the borders for foreigners, refused to timely share scientific data with foreign colleagues, created large stocks of medical supplies, and also unleashed an information war against the West.

It is very important to understand how China interprets the war. For the West, this is, as the Dutch philosopher Hugo Grotius wrote, “a struggle with the use of force, an armed struggle between countries.” The Chinese approach is to prevent real armed conflict. Formulated in the VI century BC. e. the ancient Chinese strategist and thinker Sun Tzu, the military concept includes deception, diplomatic and economic pressure, as well as the pursuit of relative advantage over the enemy. In light of this concept, Beijing’s actions should be evaluated.

It is clear that China is committed to global economic excellence. To do this, he invests heavily in the infrastructure of developed and developing countries in order to create dependence on the Chinese economy and, thus, subordinate them to himself.

A key element of Beijing’s strategy is the One Belt, One Way project (a debt trap for unsuspecting countries) and its efforts to turn Chinese components and technologies, such as Huawei 5G, into future technologies. Both undermine the economic and political sovereignty of other states. Huawei technology has a serious security vulnerability and includes spyware, confident in the administration of Donald Trump. The goal of the Communist Party of China is to control the infrastructure on which the global Internet is based, which will inevitably put the freedom and private life of Westerners at risk.

To deal effectively with China, America must actively finance and stimulate the creation of new industries at home in vital sectors of the economy in which components are currently sourced from China, thereby eliminating dependence on Chinese imports.

America must also seek financial compensation from China. The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act should be repealed to give American companies the tools to sue Chinese-breaching companies. One-sided weaning of $ 1 trillion in US Treasury bonds – another possible step – could have undesirable side effects. Here everything should be weighed and have the full support of the Republican and Democratic parties. In any case, actions must be tough and decisive, since today’s behavior of China can be compared with military aggression.

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