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US gives China two weeks to review Hong Kong policy

US gives China two weeks to review Hong Kong policy

For two weeks, the United States expects the Chinese authorities to “reduce aggressive behavior,” in particular with respect to Hong Kong. On Friday, June 18, said Deputy Secretary of State David Stillwell. Stillwell’s communication with the press has been circulated by the State Department.

The Deputy Secretary of State made a statement following a meeting in Hawaii of the US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo with member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yang Jiechi, in charge of international affairs.

According to Stevel, the recent actions of the PRC were not constructive, “if you look at India, the South China Sea, questions with Hong Kong.”

“I would look at what will happen in the next two weeks: will we see a decrease in aggressive behavior,” TASS quoted him as saying.

The diplomat noted that the United States is counting on “revising the law on internal security, the law on national security,” which China applies to Hong Kong.

“I won’t say that there was any agreement, but we clearly outlined our position, so that over the next week or two, or how much will be needed, we will see if they will begin to fulfill their obligations,” he added.

Stillwell described the conduct of the Chinese delegation in the negotiations as not inclined to an agreement.

However, as the Under Secretary of State noted, the United States leaves room for diplomacy so that the Chinese authorities do not feel “cornered.”

Negotiations took place against the backdrop of aggravated relations between the United States and China. So, on June 1, Beijing protested to the United States over interference in Hong Kong’s internal affairs.

On May 29, the Chinese government called on Washington to cease political manipulation of the Hong Kong national security bill. China is ready to take countermeasures, said the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

On the same day, US President Donald Trump announced plans to impose sanctions against officials from China and Hong Kong, who, according to Washington, undermine the autonomy of the region.

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