US hit Syria “Caesar’s Law”

10 months ago

The United States will introduce today, June 17, sanctions aimed at “reducing the revenues of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” in order to “encourage him to return to the negotiating table under the auspices of the UN and agree to end an almost ten-year war” in the Arab Republic. About this today, June 17, reports Reuters.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Kelly Kraft, speaking on the eve of the World Organization’s Security Council, said that the American side would take measures to “prevent the Assad regime from winning a military victory.”

“Our goal is to deprive Assad’s regime of the income and support that it uses to commit large-scale atrocities and human rights violations, which impedes the political settlement of the conflict and seriously worsens the prospects for peace,” Kraft said.
Russia and China condemned the US plan to introduce new unilateral sanctions. As the Russian permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya pointed out, the United States confirmed that “the purpose of these measures is to remove the legitimate authorities” of Syria.

On June 17, the United States will enter into force a new package of restrictive measures against Damascus – in the framework of the so-called Caesar’s Law or the “Act on the Protection of the Civilian Population of Syria”. The name “Caesar’s law” comes from the pseudonym of a Syrian soldier who fled the country in 2013 and allegedly transmitted photographs of violence against prisoners in Syrian prisons to Western human rights defenders. This document was approved by U.S. President Donald Trump on December 20, 2019 and provides for the application of sanctions against key sectors of the Syrian economy, the Central Bank of the SAR, senior officials, including President Bashar Assad, as well as any public or private organization, both Syrian and foreign, that interacts with the government in Damascus. The Syrian Foreign Ministry regarded the tightening of sanctions by the United States “as economic terror, which is part of the bloody war unleashed against Syria.”

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