US mathematician calls November 13, 2026 the end of the world

12 months ago

In 1975, an astrophysicist from Germany named Sebastian von Horner conducted a detailed study of human activity on Earth. He took into account a huge number of parameters that somehow affect humanity and our planet.

He came to the conclusion that between 2020 and 2050 a real end of the world would come. The reason will be the inability to feed an overgrown population, combined with an increase in industrial emissions into the atmosphere. The result will be the warming up of the planet itself with the subsequent death of all living things.

At about the same time, Heinz von Forster, a well-known US mathematician, conducted his research. Together with his assistants, he calculated the vital activity of people, relying primarily on fertility and life expectancy. The results were not as positive as we would like – according to his calculations, humanity is waiting for the end of the world.

It is noteworthy that after a long study of the details, Heinz was able to name the exact date. According to his theory, the end should be expected on November 13, 2026. The main problem that will lead to this result will be an unprecedented increase in the number of people, which will increase exponentially, quickly moving to infinity.

It is worth noting that earlier also on the network appeared information about the prediction of the Buddhist lama. According to him, the Buddha himself appeared to him in a dream and showed the future end of the world. He saw how various cataclysms shock the world, everything is engulfed in fire, people are sick and starving. The Lama said that the end would come in 2026, which would be the year of the fiery horse.

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