US military bases in Japan became the foci of coronavirus

Two US military bases in Japanese Okinawa Prefecture became the foci of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. This is with reference to a government source reports The Japan Times.

It turned out that a total of 62 people were infected: 39 – at the Futenma Marine Corps air station, 22 – at the Camp Hansen base, and another at the Camp Kisner base. It is in Okinawa that the main US forces are based, based in Japan.

The governor of the prefecture, Danny Tamaki, called the situation “extremely deplorable” and said that his fellow citizens were shocked by the news of the outbreak. He said that he seriously doubts the effectiveness of the measures that the US military is taking against the epidemic.

According to Tamaki, during quarantine, soldiers had beach parties outside the walls of their bases, and on July 4 Independence Day, they went out to have fun in city blocks with an active nightlife. A spokesman for the U.S. Armed Forces said all military personnel in Okinawa are now forbidden to leave their locations without special permission from their superiors.

It is reported that, excluding bases in the prefecture with a population of more than 1.4 million people, 148 cases of infection and 7 deaths associated with a new type of coronavirus were recorded. Across the country, more than 21 thousand infected and 983 deaths were detected.