US military chased Russian armored cars in Syria

Russian military police patrolled the city of Derik in northeast Syria. According to sources from the North Press Agency, a convoy of five Russian armored cars was pursued by the US military.

Agency interlocutors from Robari south of Derik confirmed that the Russian and US military drove past the helipad and headed towards the Safan dam. It is noted that the Russian convoy was forced to stop and wait for the helicopters that accompanied them on their way to the base in Kamyshly.

In June, the U.S. military tried to block a patrol of the Russian military police in Zaevfrati, but the equipment with the American flag was smoking and stalled.

Incidents with Russian patrols in Syria occur regularly. So, on May 28, it was reported that a Russian convoy was stoned at the entrance to the Syrian city of Erich. A similar episode was recorded on May 12: then women threw stones at an armored car of the Russian military police. At the same time, there were screams that the attackers would not allow the Russians to pass.