US named Xi Jinping as Stalin’s successor

11 months ago

National Security Advisor to US President Donald Trump Robert O’Brien called Chinese President Xi Jinping the successor to Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. It is reported by Politico.

“The Chinese Communist Party is Marxist-Leninist. Party Secretary-General Xi Jinping sees himself as the successor to Joseph Stalin, ”said the adviser to the American president. According to him, the two main parties in the United States cannot continue to turn a blind eye to China’s attempts to remake the world for itself, as has happened for the past 40 years. Otherwise, Washington could make the worst mistake since the 1930s.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of trying to take advantage of the protests in the United States to get its own political advantage. “The heartless attempts of the Chinese Communist Party to use the tragic death of George Floyd in their political interests will fail. In better times, Beijing ruthlessly imposes communism. In the most difficult times, the United States defends freedom, ”said the Secretary of State.

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