US National Guard forces sent to riots in Atlanta

Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp imposed a state of emergency and deployed National Guard troops to Atlanta in protest.

The city is in turmoil, and they are not weakening, said Kemp. Peaceful protests turned into devastation, and now innocent state residents are becoming their victims, quoted the governor of FoxNews.

In total, a thousand fighters of the US National Guard will be brought into Atlanta. They will guard public buildings, including the governor’s mansion and the headquarters of the Department of Public Security. According to Kemp, their presence will allow police officers to strengthen patrols on the roads and towns of Georgia.

“Lawlessness must be stopped, and order in our capital must be restored,” Kemp said. “I declared a state of emergency and called on the guard, because the safety of our citizens comes first.”

On a holiday weekend in Atlanta, there was a conflict with shooting. Among his victims is an eight-year-old girl who was in a car with her parents. The driver tried to drive through the barricades arranged by the protesters. At least two people opened fire on the car. The incident occurred near the restaurant-diner Wendy, where previously a policeman killed an African-American Reichard Brooks. This killing caused weeks of protests and clashes between demonstrators and police.

Other cities are also facing a wave of violence. At least six children were killed in a series of shooting incidents in New York. Total 8 killed, 44 injured.