US obliges China to close its consulate in Texas

Beijing has announced some reciprocal steps.

The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Houston must completely shut down within seventy-two hours. The US agency Bloomberg wrote that it happened suddenly, and Beijing said that the move was unilaterally initiated by the US. Diplomats noted that if the administration of President Donald Trump does not change its mind, then in the near future China will respond to this with tough countermeasures. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic called the closure of the consulate an outrageous and unjustified act that sabotages relations between states.

Because of what exactly in Washington such a decision was made is unknown. Officially, the American authorities have not yet commented on what is happening.

Meanwhile, FOX26 Huston reports that a fire broke out at the Chinese consulate in question. According to him, it began after diplomats tried to burn some secret documents. Firefighters and police were not allowed into the building.

The last time the United States announced new sanctions against China was last week. They were associated with the violation of the rights of Hong Kong residents.