US police are ubiquitous: the cafe incident alerted

The shocking news for any normal person was voiced on Tuesday morning by CBSNewYork, citing a police officer.

“Three of our fellow officers were intentionally poisoned by one or more employees at Shake Shack on Broadway in Manhattan. Fortunately, they were not seriously injured. Please read this safety warning. ”

The incident occurred on Tuesday night. Police officers drank milkshakes. Sources told CBS2 that “the worker could have contaminated the cocktails with bleach,” which led to the hospitalization of three officers from the restaurant, which is located at the junction of Broadway and Fulton Street. NYPD suspects the crime “may have been motivated by hatred of the police.”

The incident was commented by Patrick J. Lynch, president of the New York Patrol Charitable Association. “When New York City police officers cannot even eat without being attacked, it becomes clear that the environment in which we operate has deteriorated to a critical level. We cannot afford to weaken the guard even for a moment, ”he said.

Mr. Lynch advised all employees to carefully inspect any finished products that they buy on duty for possible contamination.

“Whenever possible, eat in groups of two or more and remain vigilant throughout the meal,” he urged.

The Police Charity Association said the officers were hospitalized and would spend some time in the hospital. She also expressed hope that “everything will be in order”

Employees of the institution were interrogated, but so far the attacker has not been identified and no arrests have occurred.

According to a police spokesperson, the flush was delivered to the laboratory for research.

Meanwhile, this shocking news stirred the country. Literally within 12 hours, internal changes were made in various police departments across all states to ensure the safety of employees in the line of duty.

The police themselves say that they have noticed enough threats to their lives, it even comes to the fact that they photograph their houses and cars.

One of the police representatives Josh Johnson shared his emotional state after everything that is happening now in the States:

“I heard from many people, both pro-police and anti-Kop, that I am“ one of the good cops ”and they“ would like all officers to be like me. ”That I am fair, kind, understanding, loving, and great guy.

I’m still that guy. But my heart is broken. I work with an amazing group of people who came to this profession by vocation. Calling to help people. These are those who, having received information that people are being killed, raped, robbed, are trying their best to protect their life and property. And they stand between the rapist and the victim. And they even get injured. ”

Josh Johnson admits that failures and mistakes happen and condemns those whose fault George Floyd died.

  • It is necessary to recognize one’s own biases and mistakes in order to become more fair, caring and understanding. We are also upset by the callous murder of George Floyd, as is the general public, and we would like justice to prevail. For the officers who carried out this detention to answer the charges against them.

Josh says that at first he had the hope that from all that was happening, “something beautiful would come out”. But, alas, it went out. He said that he did a lot of research on the issue of “ensuring justice for all”. He attended community meetings, most often the minority community, in order to get to know the people there, worked with representatives of social agencies, shared with them everything that he knew and was able to do.

  • But the actions of recent weeks have shown me that all this does not matter. Progress is useless. The discussion is offside, ”he says.“ For almost two weeks I have been working 12-16 hours a day, trying my best to protect people’s lives and property and to ensure the desire of others to march and speak at rallies. But even when officers simply blocked crossroads to protect marching people, as we have done thousands of times in the past, we hear nothing but insults and threats of murder. We are faced with an attack, with stones flying at us, frozen bottles of water, beer, fireworks, flammable substances and explosives. I heard that my black colleagues called us traitors. I heard other minority officers slander us and strive to stand out. Officers I know and are friends with.

I can survive insults and threats. I understand that people are angry because of what happened, I am angry too. But the situation showed that people do not want me to be around. There is no chance of understanding and talking.