US police shoot one more African American

According to information from the Washington Post, 27-year-old black man Reichard Brooks was shot dead by a policeman and died in a hospital from a gunshot wound.

While intoxicated, he grabbed a shocker from a police officer during an inspection and tried to escape. His actions were regarded as aggressive. The policeman fired.

The incident fell on surveillance cameras, the video instantly spread over the Web.

The death of Reishard Brooks caused a new wave of discontent. Demonstrators demanded the resignation of the head of police. Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields has already resigned after this incident.

However, Shields will continue to work in the city police. This was publicly stated by the mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms.

The mayor expressed her condolences to the family of the deceased and demanded a thorough investigation of all cases where force was used by the servants of the law.

Dissatisfied people got to the White House, demanding the resignation of the president. Donald Trump threatened to deploy a heavily armed army to pacify such sentiments.

The entire incident was initially viewed by people in the US as racist. And as a sign of remorse for this, white Americans, among whom there were police officers, washed their feet with black church pastors.