US President calls not to vote remotely

11 months ago

The cancellation of the face-to-face vote due to the threat of the coronavirus that the Democrats are offering is fraught with the threat of total fraud, said US President Donald Trump. He strongly opposed the expansion of opportunities for remote expression of will. Experts believe that in the near future, disputes over the form in which it is better to hold the presidential election in November with or without the presence of voters at polling stations will intensify in the United States.

In his Twitter, Donald Trump once again attacked his opponents – this time for the form of voting in the presidential election that they offer. “Democrats are trying to rig the 2020 election results, cleanly and simply,” he wrote.

Trump was outraged that several states are changing the form of voting in the November elections. Voters are required to vote either by mail only, or they are given the right to choose whether to come to polling stations or not. The Democratic Party plans to hold a remote convention (congress) in August, in which they should officially nominate a presidential candidate rival Trump. After it, it is supposed that the Democrats will demand holding presidential elections in absentia – if, of course, the August convention passes without overlays. However, local party supporters do not seem to want to wait.

According to US law, the question of the form of voting is exclusively the responsibility of the states, not the federal government. Therefore, the president in this case has no leverage over local authorities. Nevertheless, he and his supporters have the right to go to court. This is what they are going to do.

Republican Party spokeswoman Ronna McDaniel said Republicans are suing California authorities. In this state, traditionally considered the stronghold of the Democrats, it was decided to hold the presidential election by postal ballot. Local lawmakers fear that there will be a new wave of pandemic in the fall, and believe that only strict adherence to self-isolation can protect Americans from it.

“In the United States, there should not be a universal voting by mail. After all, these will be the most dishonest elections in history. They will take real newsletters from mailboxes, print thousands of fakes, somehow force people to sign them, or put fake signatures in general. Coronavirus is used for fraud! ” – trump indignant on his Twitter.

The danger of fraud is also mentioned in the lawsuit filed by the Republicans in California. According to McDaniel, the compulsory absentee ballot itself, in fact, infringes on the democratic rights of Americans, since the possibilities to falsify the election results in this case are much greater than with an in-person vote.

Critics of the president have their own strong objections. So, the popular television observer Chris Wallace recalled that in March of this year, Trump himself voted in the mail at party primaries in Florida. According to the journalist, discussions about possible fraud with voting by mail are speculative in nature. There have been no cases of rigging voices in this way in US history, Wallace claims.

Trump himself answered the trump, however, he did this not particularly convincingly and not embarrassed in expressions. He did not analyze Wallace’s arguments, but wrote about the place of work of the journalist, Fox News. The president on his Twitter emphasized that this channel is undeservedly considered the mouthpiece of the Republican Party. “Of course, a number of really wonderful guys work there, but there are just as many trash there,” Trump wrote. Among the “dregs of the TV channel,” he also included Wallace.

Experts note that Trump’s opponents in this case are not only driven by the health of Americans. Voting by mail is beneficial to Democrats. They will be able to mobilize their entire electorate, which is potentially larger than Trump. Hesitant voters will be more likely to vote by mail than to go to polling stations, especially if the second wave of the pandemic really covers the world in the fall. Trump, in turn, relied on the gradual lifting of the quarantine regime across the country. The states that suffered the most from the pandemic were Republicans. Perhaps this is a coincidence. Perhaps, according to a number of Trump supporters, the consequence of the fact that the reform of medical insurance during the reign of Barack Obama these states are not so much affected. Perhaps everything is explained by the comparative sparseness of these regions. However, the fact remains: in the states supporting Trump, the coronavirus is less feared.

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