US President Trump and his wife are infected with coronavirus

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Trump himself reported a positive test result for the virus in his microblog on Twitter on the evening of Thursday, October 1. “Melania and I have tested positive for the coronavirus tonight. We will immediately begin our quarantine and recovery process. We will get through this together!” – wrote Donald Trump.

Melania Trump posted a similar message on Twitter. “Like too many Americans this year, the President and I are in quarantine at home after testing positive for COVID-19. We feel good and I have postponed all upcoming events. Please make sure to stay safe. let’s get through this together, “she wrote.

The personal physician of the President of the United States, Sean Conley, said that 74-year-old Trump and his wife are doing well and will remain in the White House until they recover. He also expressed confidence that during his recovery, Donald Trump will fulfill his presidential duties continuously and in full. Conley promised that White House doctors would closely monitor the Trump’s health. He also noted that the best doctors and medical institutions in the United States are at the disposal of the President and his wife.

Symptoms of the coronavirus
Sean Conley did not say if Trump has symptoms of coronavirus infection. Other presidential advisers also said nothing about the symptoms, but The New York Times, citing sources, said White House staff noticed a hoarseness in Trump’s voice. At the same time, the newspaper’s interlocutors noted that the hoarseness may be caused by the president’s frequent campaign speeches lately.

Earlier it became known that the coronavirus was detected in Trump’s assistant Hope Hicks. Hicks has attended several presidential campaign events in recent days.

Collapse of exchange rates
The news of the discovery of the coronavirus in the US President led to the collapse of stock exchanges in Asia. In Tokyo, the Nikkei fell 0.9 percent to 22,967 after rising 0.8 percent. American futures went down two percent. Weaker activity is expected on European exchanges during October 2.

World oil prices have also declined. One barrel of light American oil fell 2.8 percent to $ 37.62, and a barrel of Brent crude fell 2.6 percent to $ 39.87.