US Presidential Advisor calls Kaliningrad a dagger in the heart of Europe

US Presidential Advisor calls Kaliningrad a dagger in the heart of Europe

US Presidential National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien called the Russian military infrastructure in the Kaliningrad region a dagger in the heart of Europe.

According to him, in this region there are a huge number of Russian missiles aimed at the European allies of the United States, primarily the Baltic states.

“Kaliningrad, due to its geographical location, could become a trading hub, a center of tourism and social contacts between Russia and Western Europe. Unfortunately, the Russian authorities turned it into a closed military base, ”said O’Brien.

He added that under the Open Skies Treaty (DON), the US side could not achieve the ability to fly around the Kaliningrad region.

Meanwhile, in March it was reported that the Americans, as part of a flight group with the participation of inspectors from Estonia and Lithuania, carried out the next and far from the first observation flight over the Kaliningrad region.

US President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from DON. The decision will enter into force six months from May 22. At the same time, the American leader allowed the conclusion of a new agreement, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo allowed Washington to return to the document, in case “if Russia returns to full compliance” with its terms.

The American side claims that the Russian Federation denied access to observation flights within a 10-kilometer corridor along the border with the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as they are independent states, and thereby violated the terms of the document.

Trump’s decision has already been criticized by members of the US Congress, stressing that such a move will only weaken the country’s position in the field of national security and isolate it from the case, because the document will continue without Washington’s participation. In addition, withdrawal from the agreement will deprive the US of an instrument of control over Russia’s actions and become a “slap in the face of the allies in Europe.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded clarification from the American side. On their basis, Moscow will form its position on this issue.