US presidential candidate Joe Biden and other senior officials arrive at the funeral of George Floyd, who was killed by police

11 months ago

The funeral ceremony for African-American George Floyd began in Houston, which was strangled two weeks ago by a policeman in Minneapolis. Among the others, the ceremony was attended by former vice president and presidential candidate Joe Biden.
Tombstone was delivered by Alfred Sharpton, Jr., a former White House adviser to Barack Obama.

In addition to Biden, the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and the US House of Representatives, Sheila Lee and Al Green, spoke at Floyd’s funeral.

On May 25, police detained African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. One of the policemen threw Floyd onto the asphalt face down, kneeled on his neck and stood in this position for about seven minutes. At this time, Floyd repeated that he could not breathe. The police called an ambulance, Floyd died in the hospital without regaining consciousness.

Floyd’s death provoked riots that grew into pogroms throughout the city. Citizens defeated the center of Minneapolis, in the area where the murdered African American lived, arsons began, residents burned down the area where the police detained Floyd worked.

Protests in Minneapolis turned into pogroms, the National Guard was introduced into the city. Then the riots spread to other cities – they take place in New York, Los Angeles, Laos Vegas, Atlanta, Denver. In Washington, protesters blocked the White House. In 25 cities, 16 US states announced a curfew.

Police officers who were present during the detention and murder of an African American were fired. The FBI has launched an investigation into the death of Floyd.

An examination revealed that George Floyd, who died after being detained by police officers, was under the influence of methamphetamine.

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