10 months ago

US presidential election: Biden ahead of Trump in one of the key states by 15%

10 months ago

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Michigan four years ago.

While recent opinion polls show that Biden beats Trump in a hypothetical pair in the U.S. presidential election in November, the outcome of the vote will likely depend on who gets ahead in several vacant states – in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, and Wisconsin. Democrats won these states during the 2008 and 2012 elections when former President Barack Obama was the candidate, but Trump managed to win in 2016.

A new Kaier Research poll in Michigan found that 50% of Midwestern voters support Biden, while 35% support Trump.

At the national level, Biden has a significant advantage of 14% – 55 against 41 percent.

Note that Biden has better performance than any other candidate for the US presidency since 1992.

Before that, The York Times, citing sources in the Trump campaign, wrote that even internal polls by the US president show him lagging behind Biden. Last week, Biden was 11 percentage points ahead of Trump.

It was previously reported that Republicans risk losing the Senate due to Trump’s reaction to coronavirus. Today they have 53 seats out of a hundred.

Biden is the first presidential candidate to get ahead of the current White House head in every May poll since Jimmy Carter did it in 1976. Carter, of course, won the 1976 election.

Biden’s average leadership over Trump at the national level on average never dropped below 4% and usually exceeded this figure.

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